Multiplied By One - App for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Multiplied By One - App For DID / OSDD Systems

Supporting Communication in Dissociative Identity Disorder Systems

Podcasting is only one of our projects.

We concept created and designed an app for supporting communication in Dissociative Identity Disorder Systems. We are now managing the project development with a team of volunteers.

Find the short video of the app mockup with a detailed audio description on the app website

You can certainly click the link to the site, though, to truly help the algorithm for the app website, it would be AWESOME if you could Google the term?

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Multiplied By One app for DID OSDD systems

This upcoming web app is a matter of absolute determination and resolve toward success. We will see this through.

There is the option on the main page to sign up to be notified of when the app goes live.

You can also join our Discord for the app community, or if you are a developer, we would be glad to have you join the server for devs.

If you’ve landed here without knowing what the rest of this website is, we host a DID Podcast. Details can be found in the menu above.