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Featured Podcast Appearances - The Bag System

Since starting The Bag System podcast, we were fortunate to appear as guests in a few other programs, such as with Ashlee Braxton. Featured here are the episodes with our impressions on the experiences, as well as a bit about the hosts of those shows.


Coffee Over Suicide – Christopher Parker Howard

Coffee Over Suicide is a dramady podcast about mental illness and choosing life over death one cup of coffee at a time.

Episode Description

In this episode I talk with Melissa C. Water, host of the Bag System Podcast. We talk about Tourette’s syndrome, common misconceptions about Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly called multiple personality disorder) and developing a fondness for ones Headmates. 

Coffee Over Suicide - Guest Melissa C. Water

Our Impressions and Summary

It was a pleasure speaking with Christopher. His candid manner was welcoming and he built thoughtful questions and conversation.

Our first impressions of listening to Coffee Over Suicide were very positive. Christopher creates a feeling airwave that is easy to listen to and draws us in. It was a true opportunity to be part of this series.

Within The Head Of Fredd – Fredd Carroll & Jennifer Field

Within the head of Fredd

Authors Fredd Carroll and Jennifer Field host Within The Head Of Fredd; a comedic podcast that is blunt, honest, and on human interests.

Their website, Venom Studioz, contains their podcast links, shop, and their “Apostrophes” magazine series.

Our Impressions and Summary

Tourette syndrome was the larger focus of this enjoyable sit-down with Fredd and Jennifer, though DID was also discussed.

Both hosts welcomed us with kindness and true hospitality. They were well informed on our content and were sensitive to our needs, so as to not trigger.

We love the dynamic between Fredd and Jennifer. Conversations are honest and witty, as well as refreshingly blunt.

The video recording of this episode is available for viewing on YouTube, while the podcast audio is found on listening apps, such as Apple Podcasts.

Performers In Quarantine – Anita Sadori

Anita has been interviewing performers throughout the pandemic. Last year, her series went live on Instagram, and this year, she is doing pre-recorded episodes through Zoom. She has been speaking to performers of all sorts about their life in quarantine, and what it’s like to not be able to perform the way they used to. This started as a side project, as she wanted something to keep her busy at the beginning of the pandemic. The project has grown and has done very well. 

Our Impressions and Summary

Anita welcomed the topic of mental health and our advocacy to her platform. Her willingness to accept the diagnosis and our surrounding projects was a source of encouragement. We discussed many projects that we, as The Bag System, are working on regarding Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as mental health in general.

Anita Sadori - Performers in Quarantine

See the video of the interview with Melissa of The Bag System

To check out the rest of her episodes / series, see her YouTube channel

The Happy Choice Podcast – Ashlee Braxton

Ashlee Braxton - The Happy Choice podcast

Ashlee Braxton is a high-performance coach who helps others take a deep dive inward, teach them how to perform to the MAX, and release it outward to expand their life to a higher potential. After battling her own struggles with life, Ashlee started her coaching career to help others realize they are capable of so much. She is an avid traveler, a certified foodie, and enjoys writing and podcasting. She has her own podcast called: The Happy Choice in which she story tells others stories to spread mental health awareness and normalize mental health. She believes: You’re not crazy, you’re just human. 

Our Impressions and Summary

A very outgoing, kind, and positive Ashlee Braxton welcomed Melissa C. Water of The Bag System onto her podcast; The Happy Choice.

There was opportunity to teach about what Dissociative Identity Disorder is, as well as share our story and perspectives. We discussed how having DID can relate to self-love, as well as how important it is to be determined every day to make the choice to be happy.

We highlighted that simply moving on from trauma or difficulty isn’t simple. Someone telling us to move on is not support, as it’s far more complex, and the weight of our hurt is not to be diminished. Time, resources, and a lot of support is needed to achieve progress.

Give the episode a listen here, or find The Happy Choice podcast on PodBean

Voices of Courage: Walk the Talk – Brandy Singleton

Our Impressions and Summary

We had a really interesting conversation with Brandy on her podcast, Voices of Courage: Walk the Talk. Topics ranged everywhere from our advocating for Tourette syndrome, to our recent work regarding Dissociative identity disorder.

Brandy is highly involved in raising awareness for bullying among youth and for speaking up for others. She was very open in terms of learning about DID, as well as taking in our perspectives.

The episode was filmed and streamed on live video.