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Out Of The Ashes | Is DID Tragic?

Is Dissociative Identity disorder tragic? Some may offer a definitive yes, though Melissa C. Water and The Bag System speak on their own perspective of if DID itself is tragic.

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From Fight Club to Moon Knight | DID on TV

From Fight Club to Moon Knight, Melissa reviews 10 different TV shows and movies featuring a main character with Dissociative Identity Disorder. What does The Bag System think of the recent Marvel’s Moon Knight? What went right in all these cinematic features?

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Dissociative Disorder Nonprofit | App for DID Systems

Melissa is now the founder and president of a nonprofit organization for trauma and dissociative disorders called “Multiplied By One.” In this episode of The Bag System: Dissociative Identity Disorder podcast, the programs and services that will soon be offered are discussed

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For The Littles: Vulnerable Headmates

Littles in a Dissociative Identity Disorder system are young, vulnerable Headmates. Melissa visits what it’s like for littles, as well as how it is for her to experience co-consciousness or awareness of them.

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Mark of Exclamation – Down The Dissociation Highway

Melissa speaks with Tonya and Jaime about a confusing trip to New Jersey; prior to the Dissociative Identity Disorder diagnosis. What happened during that weekend, and what did everyone think was going on? Extreme happiness, euphoria, and a sudden high IQ are looked back on; finally, with answers.

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Accessing Our Inner World, Communicating & Hugging A Headmate

Melissa reaches out her system and receives cold silence, while other times, feels carried away in a storm of overwhelming dissociative conversations. Discover our inner world and the revealing complexities that it raises. Listen to audio clips of Headmates interacting. The intricacies of this Dissociative Identity disorder system are reaching out to each other; finding a way to lovingly wrap arms around a young Headmates.

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When I am We, or They Are Them – We Bend, but We Mend

A relatable explanation on the reasons for variances in when someone with alternate identities refers to themselves in a combination of I, We, They, or Us. Melissa’s journey of intense realizations in this episode come to an emotional conclusion in waves of reflection, fear, then comforting hope.

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When I Met My Mind, I Lost My Fear

Hear the reactions and impressions of Melissa’s family on her diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Also, in facing public scrutiny, but also acceptance, a bond within The Bag System becomes more concrete.

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