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Jade Miller - Author of Dear Little Ones

Jade Miller - Author of Dear Little Ones

Jade is a peer support worker, advocate, writer, SRA survivor, and healthy, functioning multiple. She offers peer support to other survivors, education drawing from her lived experiences for mental health professionals, and group support for other multiples; info can be found at Peer Support For Multiples

Instagram and FaceBook @PeerSupportForMultiples

Twitter @ThoughtsFromJ8

Our Impressions & Summary

We were privileged with the opportunity to welcome Jade Miller to the show. Her book series, “Dear Little Ones,” has been a meaningful impression on our system; giving us a sense of belonging in the world with something just for Littles.

When we saw that Jade also offers peer support, a bit of a light dawned in terms of a concept for an episode of The Bag System podcast. Jade was so kind as to accept, and to welcome our story, so as to create this episode with us.

The hope was to demonstrate what a session with a peer support specialist can be like for those who may be curious, but also, to calm any fears anyone might have as to the process. When things are a mystery, there is space to be weary.

Jade clearly understood the workings of a DID system. This was apparent in her calm manner and well versed knowledge of how to speak with us in a kind and helpful way.

While it was a difficult one to record in sharing our feelings, this episode was the informative result we had hoped for.