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Melissa C. Water - Mental Health Advocacy & Media Appearances

The presence of Melissa C. Water on social media began on YouTube. Her advocacy for mental health and Tourette syndrome led her to radio and television appearances, giving conference speeches, or finding creative new ways to introduce topics on her YouTube channels.

Media Appearances - Radio & Television - Tourette syndrome

“You Can’t Ask That” Canada – Documentary series

You Can't Ask That - Tourette syndrome

“You Can’t Ask That” is a documentary series that features individuals with differences as they candidly answer audience submitted questions. Melissa was among those speaking on her experiences with Tourette syndrome. The series is only viewable in Canada, or with a VPN, on AMI-TV, or CBC GEM. The first and second trailers to this episode can be accessed from anywhere on YouTube

“Employable Me” Canada – Documentary Series

Employable Me is a documentary series following job seekers with neurological differences on their journey’s looking for work.

Episode, “Melissa and Matt,” can be found on AMI-TV or TVOntatio and is only accessible in Canada or via VPN.

Employable Me - Tourette syndrome

CBC Radio “Now or Never” episode, “What it takes to find a job when you have Tourette syndrome”

Melissa was invited to CBC Radio show “Now or Never” to speak on the challenges of finding a job when one has Tourette syndrome. Stigma’s are discussed, as are self-confidence and motivation.

The article based on the show, as well as the audio are available worldwide on CBC Radio.

Motivational Speeches on Tourette Syndrome Awareness

Melissa C. Water - Tourette Syndrome speech

“One-Two-Threes of Loving Me” – Closing Speech for Tourette Canada’s Conference 2019

Melissa was invited to give the closing speech to Tourette Canada’s National Conference 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From a place of lived-experience, the topic was of how to tell the difference between a tic from Tourette syndrome, and an OCD compulsion.

Melissa moved on for most of the speech to cover the difficulties faced by those with Tourette syndrome, as well as coping skills or strategies.

The 2-minute teaser trailer can be found on Tourette Canada’s Youtube account, and the full one-hour speech can be found on Melissa’s main Idranktheseawater channel.

India Film Festival of Alberta’s opening of the movie Hichki

Melissa was contacted by the organizer of the India Film Festival of Alberta (IFFA) to give the opening speech to the debut airing of the movie Hichki. The goal was to educate the audience on Tourette syndrome prior to their watching the film.

The video has a duration of approximately 10 minutes.

Published works

Lady Injury - Melissa C. Water

Lady Injury – Memoir

Melissa converted the journal entries from a period of 6 months of her life where she was inpatient for a few long periods in a mental health ward.

She describes her fight with eating disorders and self-harm, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Lady Injury is available as both paperback and Kindle versions.

Saving Honor - Melissa C. Water - Science-Fiction series for young adults

Comedic Science Fiction Series for Young Adults

Melissa’s first published book was “Saving Honor,” which is the story of a 17-year old girl who discovers her life is not what she thought, or wanted. She can do extraordinary things, though she wishes for no part of it. Is Honor a hero in the making or will she turn her back on the responsibility she never asked to carry?

After readers were drawn to find out more, a sequel was written, called, “Death and I.”

Death and I - Melissa C. Water

Montreal Gazette – Tourette Syndrome High-Wire

During the filming of the documentary “Employable Me,” Melissa was offered the opportunity to write for Montreal Gazette by the Editor-In-Chief. Melissa’s article, “Tourette syndrome High-Wire” was featured on the front page of “Life and Times.”

Page24 Magazine September 2019

Page24 Magazine – Tourette Canada

Melissa creates Tourette Canada’s Page24 Magazine. She named began the series in 2018. The interviews, writing, editing, and design, are by this One-Woman-Crew.

An example of this series of publications is from September, 2019. Page24 is FOR and ABOUT the Tourette syndrome community.